Flashify APK 1.9.2 Free Download Premium [Latest Version] Android

Flashify Apk Download: Usually, everyone needs PC/Laptops for flashing a custom recovery, boot img files, zip files, kernel to Android. And sometimes it is very tough with different model devices. But thanks to developer Christian Gollner who developed Flashify Apk Download step by step procedure that is managing all the flash right on Android devices.

Flashify Apk Download

It can install Custom Recovery, Zip files, boot img and also manages many another similar task very efficiently. Flashify is not only meant for advanced users. Anyone can use Flashify with all its conditions to manage safe flash on the device.  Flashify can flash all your img files as well as zip files with more ease. Use Flashfy and be safe while keeping back up everything to cloud storage or local storage with its automatic synchronizing property.

Flashify Apk Download 

Flashify makes your custom recovery very easy. Once you install Flashify Apk on your device, then you can directly install the custom recovery. You need not to spend time anymore to search the right recovery according to your device model in google.

Flashify Apk Download

Most importantly its special backup feature can make a complete backup of your device ROM along with advanced restoring support. It is capable to reboot your bootloader directly along with boot up the recovery more efficiently with the same app.

Flashify 1.9.2 Apk can take the backup on Marshmallow while fixing up the issues. It addresses the issue in Download stock kernel or recovery for Nexus 5X and 6P.

Features  Of Flashify Apk

  • Flash is easy as well as effective without going to recovery.
  • Flashify has advanced cache clearing features. Using Flash Zip option you can clear cache, data or Dalvik cache while using TWRP or philz recovery.
  • Automatic Loki Patch is also present when required.
  • It can find the recovery option according to your phone model/version.
  •  Full android, as well as restoration, is available if you are using TWRP or Philzrecovery.
  • Kernel Backup and restoration is possible using Sdcard or cloud( Dropbox, Box(Premium) or Google Drive ( Premium).
  • Cloud synchronization of backups between devices and desktop happens automatically.
  • Recently flashed items remain under tracking.
  • It can flash multiple files and can make a flash queue.
  • It can flash from anywhere. Even if you want to flash from any specific File Explorer or email app, then Flashify can firmware multiple files at once.

Steps To Install Flahify Apk

Always choose the right Flashify app as there are a number of options comes when you search on Google Play Store. So before heading towards installing Flashify, always check whether it is for “no root users’ or for rooted devices. Else once you download the app it will ask for root permission. In order to proceed towards launching the app, you have to give root permission.

Flashify Apk Download

So here we go with the complete guide regarding Flashify apk download.

  • First of all download TWRP file on your Android device. You should download the most upgraded version of it.
  • Choose the best-suited version of Flashify Apk file and download it.
  • Once the download process is completed, open the downloaded file.
  • If it asks for root permission, then grant it.
  • Select the recovery image option and then recover the downloaded image file.
  •  Now click on ok and follow the steps that appear on steps to flash recovery on Android.
  • Once flash completed, reboot the device.
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Flashify Download for Android

Are you facing problems to backup and recovery your boot.img, recovery.img? Then here we had found a solution for your problem. That is a Flashify application. Which allows you to be safe and you can also install custom kernels without PC. The app also gives recovery and backup to your present kernel.

 Flashify Download

When you try to download flash zip files and boot.images, you must use the laptop/pc. It must be a tough task for us to frequently change again and again to PC. For that reason, a person called Christian Gollner had developed an application for mobile and Android devices called Flashify. As the name, it selfs it helps you to recover and backup boot.images and flash zip files.

Flashify Download

In this generation, everyone loves to use custom ROM’s. That is the reason Flashify attracting the more users. You can easily install custom apps and boot images from the app. When we don’t get recovery data, at that time you just install the app to get back your custom recovery.

 Flashify Download

Features of Flashfy Download for Androids

By seeing the amazing features you can’t wait a minute to download the application. Flishfy has too many advantages as well as some drawback too. Let’s see!!!

  • Without recovery, you can flash boot and recovery.images.
  • Also, You can flash the zip files.
  • No need to search on google for recovery
  • Have an option to wipe cache, and data when using TWRP or Pliz recovery.
  • Even you can download CWM, TWRP and Franco kernel, stock nexus kernel.
  • You can backup/ recovery  using sd card or Cloud(DropBox, Google Drive)
  • You can also build multiple files and build your flash queue.
  • Also, you can keep a list of your flashed items.

There are some disadvantages mean the things don’t work with this flashify were as follows. You can not download the TWRP, CWP, and Philz recovery images from the app. And even you can not download Gapps from this application.

Flashify Download
If we talk about the premium version, it costs around $3.5 for us. The features come up with this premium version are you can able to use the theme as dark, you can restore your cloud backups too. So, thinking where to get this app? You can easily download it from google play store or otherwise, you can download Apk file from google.

Requirements to use Custome recovery and Kernel on Flashify Application

If you want to install the flashify application on your device? Then make a note of below requirements before install.

  • Must have the Flashify application.
  • You need any file which you want to recovery or flash on your device.
  • Keep that file on SD Card.
  • Make sure that you must have a rooted android phone.
  • First and most important thing is you need patience.

Steps For Flashify Download on Android Devices

  1. Go to Google Chrome and search for Flashify.
  2. Or get it from google play store.
  3. Click on install button to start the process.
  4. wait for some time to complete the installation.
  5. Now you can enjoy the flashify features for free.

Flashify Premium Apk

Flashify is one of the best application to custom recovery and backup boot.images on your devices. If you are planning to use Flashify Premium APk on your device, first you need to root your device. And you have to install the SuperUser application on your device. To root your device, you can use the apps like King root and many more. In today’s article, we will learn how to get premium apk for Android devices.

Flashify Premium Apk

At sometimes, when we try to download the premium version for free it doesn’t work correctly. So to get this premium version for free you must have a rooted device, and Flashify app, and Lucky Patcher application. With this three use, you can quickly get the premium version for free. And if you want to know about Flashify Premium APK Free version of this article.

Flashify Premium Apk

To start the process, first, you need to root your device. Once the rooting has finished, make sure to restart your phone. Then install the Flashify app on your phone. The free version of Flashify will have to use flashing time three times per day. And in the case of the premium version, you can use the dark theme as background., and unlimited flashing times, and backup for cloud drive and DropBox.

Flashify Premium Apk

Advantages of Flashify Premium Apk 

Flashify Premium Apk has come up with the essential features which are listed here on our blog.

  • The best thing about this app is Flash boot and recovery .img without the need of rooting.
  • You can also Flash the zip files.
  • Able to download Philz, kernels, TWRP, Gaaps, and much more.
  • With the premium Apk, you can backup/recovery to cloud recovery/Google Drive and DropBox.
  • Also, you can flash multiple and make a queue.
  • Even Maintain a list of recently Flashed files.
  • And you can flash your files from anywhere.
  • Automatic cloud sync between devices and desktops.

How to Download Flashify Premium Apk 

People who are interested in opting for premium Apk can follow the below simple steps to download for free.

  • Initially, Go to play store and search for Flashify for root users
  • Click on install button.
  • And then you have to install Lucky Patcher on your device.
  • After the installation of Lucky Patcher, you have to open the app.
  • Search for Flashify app among the listed apps.
  • Click and Hold the application.

Flashify Premium Apk

  • Now select Support patch InApp and Lvl emulation.

Flashify Premium Apk

  • You have to wait for sometime, then click launch button.

Flashify Premium Apk

  • After the app opened click on Lock button in the top right corner.

Flashify Premium Apk

  • Then Select Unlock Premium.

Flashify Premium Apk

  • Select ” Save Purchase for restore” and click ok.

Flashify Premium Apk

  • Now you are a premium user of Flashify application.

Flashify Premium Apk


Flashify is a free app with a limited period of 3 flashes per day. If you want to extend this limit you can prefer quick in-app payment.

This all about Flashify Premium Apk. The main feature in this was unlimited flashes per day. If you like it, please share with your friends.

Flashify APK Download